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Lessons Learned from Proficiency Test Results in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

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This presentation will review lessons learned from a detailed examination of over fifteen years of proficiency tests with a specific emphasis on pattern classification conclusions.  A number of questions will be addressed, including:

  • Can any insight be provided regarding the overall rate of error for pattern classification in BPA?
  • Are certain broad or specific pattern types more prone to erroneous conclusions than others?
  • Is there any way to connect the rate of erroneous conclusions with the training and education of participants? 
  • Can the submitted responses, specifically the incorrect responses, be used to provide guidance for how the discipline moves forward with pattern classification? 

This presentation will discuss these questions and more.

3 Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will learn how the results of proficiency tests can be used to provide limited information on the reliability of bloodstain pattern classification.
  • Attendees will learn potential reasons why certain patterns had higher incorrect conclusions.
  • Attendees will learn how modifications to classification criteria and analyst training can assist in reducing erroneous bloodstain pattern classifications.


Jeremiah Morris - Forensic scientist and technical leader in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Criminalistics Laboratory in Kansas

Date Created: March 22, 2021