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Keeping Faith

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This course empowers faith communities to recognize and respond to cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Sessions will detail the impact of child abuse on a victim's sense of spirituality and offering concrete suggestions for working with medical and mental health professionals to assist a child in coping with maltreatment.

The course also discusses ideal child protection policies for a faith-based institution, including handling a situation in which a convicted sex offender seeks to join a congregation. A review of various child abuse case scenarios and a discussion on appropriate and inappropriate responses allows for real-life problem-solving and feedback.

Intended Audience
Clergy, chaplains, youth ministers, faith leaders, counselors and other members of a faith community who may work with children or families impacted by child abuse.

Presented by:

  • Victor Vieth, Chief Program Officer, Education and Research, Zero Abuse Project
  • Alison Feigh, Director, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
  • Pete Singer, Executive Director, G.R.A.C.E.; Founding Director, Care in Action, Minnesota


Date Created: March 13, 2023