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Introduction to OVC Victim Services Training and Technical Assistance and OVC Technical Assistance Collective

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To elevate excellence in TTA provision, OVC is expanding OVC TTAC, which now encompasses two unique projects.

The OVC Victim Services TTA (VSTTA) project will deliver customized TTA to the victim services field and allied professionals on request and at no cost. TTA can be site-specific, short-term, or comprehensive. It will offer innovative solutions to help organizations in their efforts to be victim-centered and trauma-informed. VSTTA will continue popular offerings such as OVC’s flagship National Victim Assistance Academy and Expert Q&A. VSTTA will continue to serve as OVC’s mass violence response TTA hub.

The OVC Technical Assistance Collective (TAC) will be a hub for OVC TTA provider engagement and collaboration, as well the lead for innovative, multi-modal TTA delivery and resources online. TAC will manage the OVCTTAC.gov website, host online trainings for TTA providers, offer technical support for OVC-sponsored TTA delivery, and establish an OVC TTA Provider Community site where OVC TTA providers can share information, interact, and network with one another to ensure the impact of their collective TTA efforts endures and grows.

Both projects will operate seamlessly under the well-recognized OVC TTAC brand. OVC is excited about how this nuanced approach to TTA will expand OVC’s ability to serve as a strong partner for victim service organizations and provide a sustainable resource for managing and supporting all of OVC’s TTA efforts.

Please join us for a webinar to find out more about VSTTA and TAC.

Date Created: September 19, 2023