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International Association of Chiefs of Police Technology Virtual Conference

Event Dates
The deadline to register is 12 p.m. ET, Tuesday, June 23.

Two important discussions on Technological Innovation in the Age of COVID-19 with agencies that turned to technology to help manage operations during the COVID-19 pandemic; and Lessons in Surviving a Ransomware Attack from the San Diego Harbor Police and Georgia Department of Public Safety who will discuss how their operations were impacted, steps to recovery, and cybersecurity solutions to mitigate and defend against future attacks.

The online conference will feature workshop topics such as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Video Analytics and Integration, Facial Recognition, Public Safety Mobility and more.

Workshops will cover topics on video analytics & integration, facial recognition, artificial intelligence, ethical use of technology, unmanned aircraft systems, intelligence sharing, and public safety mobility.

Registration link: https://www.myiacp.org/event-information?id=a0l3s00000KeyDKAAZ&_ga=2.52769647.675751664.1592838664-1638390167.1574358900

Date Created: February 3, 2021