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Innocence Network Annual Conference

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Event Dates
New Orleans, LA

The Innocence Network Conference brings together directly impacted people, advocates, and others who work to free the innocent, prevent wrongful conviction, and provide post-release support. This annual conference promotes learning and growth through educational programming, relationship-building, collective action, and healing.

The conference will feature sessions within the following focus areas:

  • Case Intake, Evaluation, & Investigation
  • Forensic Science & Social Science
  • Post-Conviction Litigation 
  • Post-Release/Reentry Support, Social Work, Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Community Outreach, Engagement, & Organizing
  • Organizational Development 
  • Race and Wrongful Conviction
  • Emerging Areas 

Some sessions include: 

  • Getting Your Record Straight: Dealing with Collateral Consequences of Wrongful Conviction 
  • Reflecting on the Purpose of Art in Processing Trauma
  • Financial Knowledge and Skills for All Freed & Exonerated People
  • Off the Benches and Into the Trenches: Getting Into Court, Even if Creatively, To Move Cases Forward 
  • Today’s Technology, Tomorrow's Exonerations: How New Technology Can Entrench and Amplify Racial Bias in Policing 
  • Field Drug Tests: Coerced Pleas, Wrongful Convictions, and Racial Injustice

Date Created: February 19, 2024