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Identifying an Unknown Paint System Using the RCMP PDQ Program (Webinar)

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In this webinar, subject matter experts will review how to use the Paint Data Query (PDQ) Program to identify an unknown paint system from a late model vehicle in under 60 minutes.

Using the chemical composition from the FTIR spectra of a clear coat and primer layers of a paint chip, a PDQ team member will perform a live Layer System Query search.

In this search, the chemical components of each layer are entered as a minimum parameter to produce a PDQ Hit List, which is a list of known samples from the database that are similar in layer sequence and chemistry to the unknown paint system.

Using the spectral image preview function in PDQ, manufacturing plants will be eliminated from the Hit List based on spectral differences in one or more layers, narrowing down the Hit List to a small number of manufacturing plants that will be explored further by doing spectral searches and overlays in BioRad's KnowItAll software.

Once one or more manufacturing plants are identified, a year range will be determined to identify makes/models that would be the most likely source of the unknown paint chip.

There will be time for a question and answer period following the PDQ search. All levels of experience or knowledge in PDQ or automotive paint are welcome.

Learning Objectives:
1) Perform a Layer System Query search to produce a Hit List
2) Perform spectral comparisons in PDQ to narrow down a Hit List and determine possible manufacturing plants
3) Use BioRad's KnowItAll to perform spectral searches to refine a Hit List to determine most likely make, models and year ranges

Tamara Hodgins
Andrew Ho

Date Created: February 3, 2021