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Humanizing Policing: 8 Steps that Build Community Confidence and Promote Officer Safety (Webinar)

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Police personnel, particularly patrol officers, work with a wide range of people in doing their job.

To be effective, those working contacts must help build confidence that the police are dedicated to promoting safety in the community.

Many police agencies have invested in training that emphasizes understanding cultural diversity and communication skills that help de-escalate conflict.

Other training helps establish field-level decision making that promotes fair and impartial policing.

Training frontline staff in these topics helps build individual competency and improve the legitimacy of the police.

Humanizing Policing is not a substitute for training and policy reform.

The 8 steps for Humanizing Policing described in this webinar will help agencies build an organizational infrastructure that reinforces the application of skills and concepts in police training that focuses on reform.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021