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How to Make Justice Count: Introducing Consensus-Driven Metrics for Criminal Justice Data

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Criminal justice policymakers are often forced to make crucial decisions using limited or outdated criminal justice data. Accurate, accessible, and actionable data is essential to building stronger and safer communities. That's why Justice Counts is empowering data-driven decision-making today and planning for better criminal justice data tomorrow.

The metrics were developed by more than 100 people, agencies, and entities who poured hundreds of hours into balancing a complex range of issues to reach consensus on an essential set of metrics. Now that the metrics have been developed, they can be put to work. The Justice Counts team invites criminal justice practitioners from across the U.S. to join them in creating a stronger information infrastructure for the justice system by learning how to mobilize these metrics in your own states.

Justice Counts is a consensus-building initiative of the Bureau of Justice Assistance led by The Council of State Governments Justice Center to help criminal justice policymakers across the country make better decisions with actionable data that's more accurate, accessible, and actionable.

Date Created: April 7, 2022