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FY 2024 Solicitation Webinar – Prosecuting Cold Cases Using DNA Program

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In this webinar, representatives from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and BJA's Forensics Training and Technical Assistance Program will review the FY24 Prosecuting Cold Cases Using DNA solicitation and application process.

Through this opportunity, BJA seeks to provide funding to support the prosecution of violent cold case crimes where a suspect (known or unknown) has been identified through DNA evidence. Provided a DNA profile attributed to a known or unknown suspect has been developed from crime scene evidence, this funding also supports investigative activities, as well as crime and forensic analyses, that could lead to the successful prosecution of violent cold case crimes.

To use the time most efficiently, BJA encourages participants to review this solicitation and submit any questions in advance to Carey.A.Hendricks@usdoj.gov with the subject "Questions for BJA FY24 Cold Case solicitation webinar."

Date Created: March 1, 2024