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Forensic Science Research Stakeholders Meeting

Event Dates

Objectives of this meeting include:

  • Facilitating a greater understanding and awareness of the various federal efforts, current initiatives, and strategic plans related to forensic science research.
  • Identifying current partnerships and potential opportunities for federal agencies to partner and leverage each other’s strengths.
  • Gaining insight into the National Institute of Justice's Forensic Laboratory Needs Technical Working Group past and future activities.
  • Coordinating the vast array of federal forensic science research and development by establishing a regular exchange of information.
  • Ascertaining opportunities for coordination with state and local forensic science service providers, academic researchers, and other criminal justice system stakeholders.
  • Recognizing opportunities for technology transition from research into practice.
  • Informing future updates for the public-facing reports on the landscape of federally funded forensic science research. See the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence report on Federal Forensic Science Research and Development Programs – A 2021 Update.


Date Created: October 20, 2021