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Engaging Policymakers: How Youth Advocates are Leading State Juvenile Justice Reform (Webinar)

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This legislative season they are focusing on a bill that will provide the opportunity for youth who were automatically sentenced as an adult to be resentenced as a youth in the juvenile justice system.

While at Green Hill School, a state-run detention facility in Washington, a group of young men have played an integral role in state juvenile justice reform.

Since March 2018, this group of young men has helped pass bills that extend juvenile court jurisdiction to age 25 and more.

The young men believe this bill will be effective in tackling the internal issues of the justice system by letting youth who are charged as an adult to be treated as a youth and not as adults.

During this webinar, these advocates from Green Hill School will present their story of engagement with policymakers in Washington state and how they were able to effect change.

Attendees will learn about the importance of advocacy within the juvenile justice system and how State Advisory Groups and adult partners can support youth advocates, especially those currently involved in the system.

Date Created: February 3, 2021