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DART-MS Data Interpretation Tool and Other Resources for Seized Drug Analysis

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This webinar will introduce potential users to the NIST/NIJ DART-MS Data Interpretation Tool, a freely available and open-source software tool.

It can be used to view reference is-CID mass spectra from the new NIST DART-MS Forensics Database as well as search user query mass spectra against a reference library to identify mixture components using the Inverted Library Search Algorithm. The search results can be printed in pre-formatted reports for archiving. 

This presentation will introduce potential users to the NIST/NIJ DART-MS DIT, including a live demonstration of the ILSA functionality for identifying mixture components from is-CID mass spectra – a method for presumptive screening of seized drug evidence.

Detailed Learning Objectives:
Participants will:

  • Learn how to download and run the NIST/NIJ DART-MS Data Interpretation Tool (DIT).
  • Learn how the Inverted Library Search Algorithm (ILSA) function can be used for identifying compounds in seized drug evidence.
  • Learn about the other resources available to laboratories for implementing DART-MS or other ambient ionization mass spectrometry techniques.

Date Created: September 29, 2021