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Cumulative Trauma: The Covert Enemy of First Responders (Webinar)

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Drawn from his many years of experience with officer-involved shootings, line-of-duty deaths, and "everyday traumas", Dr. McDougall will provide the audience with the day-to-day incidents that can cause cumulative trauma and complex PTSD.

Dr. McDougall will share clinical scenarios which reveal the numerous ways in which officers' professional and personal lives are impacted by cumulative trauma.

Unlike PTSD, which is often caused by a single traumatic event, cumulative trauma can be more covert but can often be the primary factor behind officer burnout, substance abuse, depression, and even suicide.

Suggested guidelines and procedures for agencies, strategies to identify cumulative trauma and at-risk employees, and ways to prevent or reduce the risk of cumulative trauma, and the identification and will be provided to the audience.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021