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Contagiousness of Vicarious Trauma: Impacts, Considerations, and Responses (Webinar)

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Dr. Magny will provide the audience with information on secondary trauma and how it affects first responders.

Dr. Magny will share the data from research conducted with three of his colleagues on the numerous ways officers and professional and personal lives were impacted by the trauma.

Secondary trauma is a leading factor in stress, absenteeism, substance abuse, lack off sleep, suicide, and other health-related matters. Suggested guidelines and procedures for agencies, strategies to identify cumulative trauma and at-risk employees, and ways to prevent or reduce the risk of cumulative trauma, and the identification and will be provided to the audience.

Using DC as an example of unique collaborative approaches to identifying survivors, this webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about local efforts to address the needs of child sex trafficking victims through cross-system, trauma-informed approaches to identify, respond to, provide service for, and to prevent the re-victimization of child sex trafficking victims.

Date Created: February 3, 2021