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Closing the Gap - A Case Study on Collaborative Work Between First Responders and Recovery Support Services (Webinar)

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With opioid-involved overdose deaths on the rise nationwide, first responders are facing increased burdens on responding to these incidences, contributing to stress and burnout.

Frequently they are left with limited information and time to connect people to care, however this connection is often crucial for people who use drugs.

The ability to increase knowledge of community collaborations and bridge programming from first responder to treatment services is a critical piece in the continuum of care.

Utilizing a case study of programming and collaborative efforts in Missouri, participants will:

- Be able to identify gaps in service accessibility for people who use drugs

- Understand different levels of care for treatment and varying recovery streams based on individual need

- Develop strategies to implement collaborative responses between First Responders and Recovery agencies in the community.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021