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Cannabinoid Conundrums Webinar Series Expert Panel

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2 Hours

In the final installment of this webinar series, it is time to tackle the cannabinoid conundrums. Both public perception of cannabinoid use, and relevant legislation are rapidly changing. These are exciting times and the lines between medicines, recreational drug use, and substance abuse disorders are blurring. For those of us who work with cannabinoids, these times also bring about a number of conundrums, both technical and administrative. How do crime labs differentiate between hemp and marijuana? Can workplace drug testing labs differentiate between ingestion of legal or illicit products, and should they? How do we deal with impairment on the road and in our workplaces? What do cannabinoids do to our bodies, and are there any lasting side effects? What is the importance of THC isomers, and how do we distinguish them in the laboratory? 

To tackle these questions and others, Dr. Ruth Winecker (RTI International) will lead a panel discussion that includes Dr. Ed Cone (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Nathalie Desrosiers (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Mr. Justin Poklis (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Mr. Nelson Santos (RTI International). This diverse slate of cannabinoid thought leaders represent government, commercial and academic stakeholders. Their areas of expertise span analytical chemistry, forensic toxicology, clinical research, and drug chemistry. 

The panel would like to offer the opportunity for attendees to submit questions ahead of time. Please feel free to do so by submitting the form below.

Date Created: June 20, 2023