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Building Competence and Confidence in Our Clients: Incorporating Social Skills Instruction into Already-Occurring Interactions (Webinar)

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Many individuals involved in the justice system from arrest to release and community reintegration lack important social skills that can help them successfully navigate the complex and overwhelming interactions required to minimize negative effects and outcomes during routine events such as court hearings, parole hearings, and community check-ins.

This may be as simple as swearing at inappropriate times or wearing unprofessional outfits, to responding poorly to feedback and failing to show proper respect to judges and officers.

The goal of this webinar is to introduce attendees to a simple but effective method of incorporating social skills instruction into their everyday interactions with clients.

These teaching interactions can take as little as 5-10 minutes and provide clients with specific guidance, practice, and feedback for situations they are currently facing.

We will cover the basic steps to teaching new social skills, describe how to incorporate that training into naturally-occurring interactions, and review several examples of this approach in practice.

Participants will also leave with a reproducible template to plan these teaching interactions and links to resources full of more information and help.

Date Created: February 3, 2021