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Building and Managing Volunteer Programs

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Volunteers bring a passion to victim service organizations, and their mindful management can be a key strategy in extending an organization’s mission and scope of services. This 3-week course will focus on the importance of volunteers; how to recruit, screen, onboard, and retain them; and how to determine the costs associated with managing volunteers. The training is designed for current or aspiring volunteer managers.

  • Introductory Week: The Importance of Volunteerism
  • Week 1: Finding the Right Volunteers
    • Examine why people volunteer.
    • Explain the importance of creating a volunteer position description.
    • Discuss tips for recruiting the "right" volunteer.
    • Explain how to screen volunteer applicants.
  • Week 2: Onboarding and Retaining Volunteers
    • Discuss the importance of onboarding and training volunteers.
    • Describe ways to integrate volunteers into your organization.
    • Identify strategies for how to evaluate and recognize volunteers appropriately.
    • Explain the importance of exit interviews.

Date Created: November 9, 2021