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Beyond COVID-19: CACs in the Age of Distance Services and Emergency Preparedness (Webinar)

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In the wake of a global pandemic, we are faced with a complex problem --how can we keep our staff and clients safe while continuing to deliver high-quality programs and services?

We also know that we may be faced with similar problems in the future, given not only the possibility of future stay-at-home orders, but also the possibility of more "typical" emergencies like fires and floods that would make access to our building impossible.

In addition, adding distance services to our toolbox has year-round application for families who may be unable to get to us.

The Dallas Children's Advocacy Center is continuing to develop a response to these issues, and will share our experience sourcing, setting up, and running distance services for MDT case staffing, forensic interviews, family advocacy, and therapy.

Please join us for a discussion on forming a comprehensive response so that we can provide unbroken support for the most vulnerable members of our community.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021