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The Benefits of Correctional Intelligence Led Policing

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A correctional environment can provide a wealth of intelligence to assist law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations, yet correctional intelligence is often overlooked by the law enforcement community.

Correctional intelligence can proactively identify threats, prevent criminal activity, and provide the appropriate parties with actionable intelligence to assist in successful prosecution.

Correctional environments offer a unique array of human intelligence. This includes, but is not limited to, face-to-face offender interaction which can provide information leading to the prevention of crimes or assist in solving unsolved crimes.

Attendees will learn how information from offenders housed in a correctional facility has the potential to present a targeted approach to crime prevention on the street and identify key threats to the community.

The purpose of this presentation is to share the benefits of correctional intelligence and the importance of partnerships between corrections and law enforcement agencies, while highlighting the information and resources only available in a correctional environment.

Attendees will be presented with examples of how a strong partnership and the sharing of intelligence can lead to successful drug interdictions, identification of radicalized individuals, identification of individuals eluding law enforcement, location of firearms and more.

Date Created: February 3, 2021