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Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT) is an intervention to improve family relationships for those experiencing high conflict/coercion, harsh/punitive discipline, child physical abuse, and/or child behavior problems. This training is part of a series that is being held in July. It includes pre-work and action period assignments that build participants' skills at implementing AF-CBT.

1. Describe the intervention model and its content to families in a manner that engages and motivates treatment participation.

2. Implement specific techniques to decrease parent and child aggression, family conflict, and child PTSD symptoms related to physical violence.

3. Initiate discussions about abusive/aggressive experiences with children and caregivers and follow up with social skills training, social support planning, positive family communication, problem-solving routines, and child behavior management training.

There is a free 2.5 hour pre-requisite video course, "Foundations of AF-CBT," which must be completed prior to training.

This training is limited to 50 attendees. The cost for the training is $450. 

Date Created: April 9, 2024