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Advancing Prosecutor-Led Behavioral Health Diversion (Webinar)

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Prosecutors across the country are helping to set up programs that divert people with behavioral health needs from the justice system and into community-based treatment and support services.

These programs have been shown to accelerate people's engagement with community-based treatment services, reduce collateral consequences of incarceration, and ensure criminal justice and behavioral health treatment resources are used in more efficient and effective ways.

This webinar will describe some of the unique benefits of and challenges to developing these specialized diversion programs.

Prosecutors from the Second Judicial District in Arkansas�a current Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program grantee�and the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office will share their own experiences with behavioral health diversion, including its importance for prosecutors and lessons learned.

Presenters will also discuss best practices in program implementation, such as developing eligibility standards, establishing candidate screening protocols, and setting treatment conditions.

- Jeffrey J. Altenburg, Deputy District Attorney, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

- Scott Ellington, Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, Mississippi Country, Arkansas

- Kent Lovern, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

- Robert Hood, Project Director, Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

- Hallie Fader-Towe, Program Director, Behavioral Health, CSG Justice Center

Date Created: February 3, 2021