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Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Event Dates
Sheraton Orlando North

Maitland, FL

*This class has been cancelled. See the class webpage for details: http://www.fcpti.com/fcpti.nsf/forms/79AD744D84D774B485258451006B04B5

Offered by the Attorney General's Office, this course is designed for individuals who have completed the Basic CPTED or 5-day CPTED for Schools class which includes plan review, report writing, lighting, zoning, behavioral management, etc. Advanced CPTED will expand upon the Basic CPTED/5-day CPTED for Schools course by incorporating new topics. Special emphasis will be placed on city ordinances and codes, along with design reviews, report writing, and presentation skills. Lighting in relationship to the physical environment and the use of colors in behavioral management will be discussed.

This is a "hands on" course which requires a basic understanding of CPTED concepts. Working exercises will be conducted throughout the three days in both the classroom and the field. Student participation is a must in order to successfully complete the class. Class participants will complete a working exercise which will incorporate a CPTED photometric or lighting survey.

* This course is one of two courses necessary for the Florida Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner designation. ** YOU MUST HAVE TAKEN THE AG BASIC CPTED (or 5-day CPTED FOR SCHOOLS) COURSE TO ATTEND. **There will be a night time lighting exercise. Please note the course schedule when you receive the confirmation notice. ***Course topics are subject to change. This course does not count towards any Victims Service Designation Renewal hours.

Date Created: February 3, 2021