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Unit Price (Application/Receipts)
Generally, Unit Price is the final vest cost, including the cost of the vest carrier, attachments, inserts, and covers considered integral or essential for its proper care, use, and wearability. If the vest manufacturer or distributor offered you a special discount not available to the general public (including discounts to adjust for potentially defective vests already purchased by your jurisdiction), the Unit Price should reflect the vest's price before the discount was taken.

Unspent BVP Funds:
Unspent funds refers to the total amount of your prior BVP awards that still remain in your account; these funds are immediately available to support qualifying vest purchases if they are not passed the funding expiration date.


Vest Replacement Cycle (Application)
Under normal conditions, this represents the number of years you allow an officer to wear body armor before it is replaced. Choices include 5 (or more) years, 4 years, and 3 (or less) years.

Vendor (Distributor)
A distributor is a business that sells armor vests.

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