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Tax, Shipping & Handling Charges (Application/Receipts)
This is for delivery of a complete order, if the vendor will not be adding these charges, include $ 0.00 in this area.

Threat Level (Application/Receipts)
Police body armor that is covered by the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) standard is classified into seven types, by level of ballistic protection performance.

Total Approved Amount (Application)
The total dollar amount that BVP approved for an application.

Total Approved Amount (All Years) (Receipts)
If an applicant has been approved for one year this dollar amount will be reflected here. If an applicant has been approved for multiple program years these dollar amounts will be totaled together.

Total Payment Made to Date (Receipts)
If a request for payment has been made and the program has made a payment to the specified account, this information will be displayed.

Total Payment on Hold (Receipts)
A payment request has been submitted by the applicant, but the program has a question about what has been reported as received or banking information may need to be verified. Someone from the help desk will be calling you or the primary point of contact could call the help desk to determine what has caused a delay in payment.

Total Proposed Amount (Application)
The total dollar amount on the application.

Total Received for this Vest to Date (Receipts)
If a 0 appears this could have two meanings, A) no vests have been reported as received or B) vests have been reported as received and payment has been requested.

Total Unpaid Requests to Date (Receipts)
A payment request that is currently being processed, but not yet paid.

   For immediate assistance, please call us toll-free at 1-877-758-3787. You may also reach us by email at vests@usdoj.gov