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Quantity (Application/Receipts)
The number of vests added to create an application for a particular vest style.


Remove this item (Application/Receipts)
This section will allow the user to remove an entire line of vests that have been reported as received.

BJA will authorize the payment and transfer the amount into the jurisdiction's account only after NIJ has received the armor and verified that the requested armor has all the relevant information filled out in the questionnaire.

Requested payment from BVP (Payments)
This section will summarize all unpaid payment requests.

Review Banking and Contact Information (Registration)
Used to verify that the funds will be deposited into the proper bank and the correct account number.

Routing Number (Registration)
A nine-digit number found in the lower left corner of your check. See Example. This number should be an Automated Clearing house (ACH) Electronic Funds transfer number. It should not contain any spaces or dashes.

   For immediate assistance, please call us toll-free at 1-877-758-3787. You may also reach us by email at vests@usdoj.gov