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BVP FAQs > Glossary > Glossary D

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Date Ordered (Application/Receipts)
The date an order for vests was placed with a vendor.

Date Received (Application/Receipts)
The date an order for vests was received by a Law Enforcement Agency or a Jurisdiction.

Depositor Account Number (Payments)
A number up to seventeen digits in length, appearing at the bottom of your check ending in your account number. If this number contains spaces or dashes it may cause errors in receiving your funds such as a bank returning a request for payment to the Officer of the Comptroller, Department of the Treasury.

Display Requests (Payments)
Use the Display Requests button to review information on:

  • All Receipts: This will summarize all of the payment requests.
  • Requested payment from BVP: This will summarize all unpaid payment requests.
  • Paid by BVP: This will summarize all paid payment requests.
  • Payment on Hold: This will summarize any payment request that is currently on hold.

Distributor (Vendor)
An establishment that sells armor vests.

Data Universal Number System (DUNS) (Registration)
A DUNS number is a unique nine-digit sequence recognized as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of over 80 million businesses worldwide.

   For immediate assistance, please call us toll-free at 1-877-758-3787. You may also reach us by email at vests@usdoj.gov