U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

Archived Solicitations – Fiscal Year 2008

Solicitation Deadline Bureau/Office
Bureau of Justice Assistance
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) for State Prisoners Program FY 2009 Formula Grant Announcement 12/18/08 BJA
Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification Training and Technical Assistance Program 12/18/08 BJA
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program: Local Solicitation 07/08/08 BJA
Project Safe Neighborhoods 07/07/08 BJA
National Training and Technical Assistance Project 06/25/08 BJA
Electronic and Cyber Crime Training and Technical Assistance Program 06/23/08 BJA
Correctional Facilities on Tribal Lands Program 06/12/08 BJA
Edward Byrne Memorial Competitive Grant Program: National Initiatives 06/11/08 BJA
Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Training and Technical Assistance Program 05/15/08 BJA
Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program 05/06/08 BJA
OSC Immigration Related Employment Discrimination Public Education Grants 03/31/08 BJA
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs 02/14/08 BJA
Indian Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program 02/14/08 BJA
Tribal Courts Assistance Program 02/07/08 BJA
Capital Case Litigation Initiative 01/03/08 BJA
Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program 01/10/08 BJA
Edward Byrne Memorial State Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) 01/31/08 BJA
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) Participation Program 01/10/08 BJA
Prisoner Reentry Initiative 01/08/08 BJA
Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) Program 01/03/08 BJA
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Methodological Research to Support the Redesign of the National Crime Victimization Survey 05/29/08 BJS
2009 National Inmate Survey 05/29/08 BJS
State Court Processing Statistics (SCPS) Redesign 05/15/08 BJS
Survey of State Court Criminal Appeals: Development and Design Phase 05/15/08 BJS
State Courthouse Operations and Security Statistics Survey: Development and Design Phase 05/15/08 BJS
State Justice Statistics Program 03/31/08 BJS
Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Solicitation 03/14/08 BJS
Tribal Criminal History Record Improvement Program (T-CHRIP) 02/28/08 BJS
FY 2008 National Criminal History Improvement Program Announcement 02/15/08 BJS
NCHIP Stalking and Domestic Violence Records Improvement Program (SDVRIP) 12/14/07 BJS
Community Capacity Development Office
Weed and Seed Communities Competitive Program Guide and Application Kit 09/9/08 CCDO
FY 2008 Weed and Seed Program Guide and Application Kit: Continuation Sites 02/20/08 CCDO
Weed and Seed Communities Competitive Program Guide and Application Kit 09/27/07 CCDO
National Institute of Justice
Forensic DNA Research and Development 12/29/08 NIJ
Research and Development in the Forensic Analysis of Trace Evidence 12/29/08 NIJ
Research and Development on Impression Evidence 12/29/08 NIJ
Graduate Research Fellowship 2009 11/21/08 NIJ
Research on the Justice System Response to Sexual Violence in Corrections 06/18/08 NIJ
Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program 05/30/08 NIJ
Using DNA Technology to Identify the Missing 05/23/08 NIJ
Forensic DNA Backlog Reduction 05/15/08 NIJ
Convicted Offender and/or Arrestee DNA Backlog Reduction Program 04/04/08 NIJ
Criminal Justice Technology Evaluation 04/04/08 NIJ
Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program 03/24/08 NIJ
Crime and Justice Research 03/05/08 NIJ
Research on Crime Prevention and Crime Control: Focus on Gangs 02/20/08 NIJ
American Indian Alaska Native Crime and Justice Research and Criminal Justice Technology Assessment 02/20/08 NIJ
Research on Safe Community Release for Pretrial and Jail Populations 02/15/08 NIJ
Research on Human Trafficking 02/12/08 NIJ
Research on Policing 02/12/08 NIJ
Research on Terrorism 02/05/08 NIJ
Research and Evaluation on the Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Individuals and Residents of Residential Care Facilities 02/05/08 NIJ
Forensic Science Training Development and Delivery Program 02/04/08 NIJ
W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship Program 2008 02/01/08 NIJ
Solving Cold Cases With DNA 02/01/08 NIJ
Graduate Research Fellowship 11/28/07 NIJ
Office for Victims of Crime
OVC FY 09 National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims 12/30/08 OVC
OVC FY 09 Post-Secondary Education: Integrating Crime Victims' Issues into University and College Curricula 12/18/08 OVC
National Field-Generated Training Technical Assistance and Demonstration Projects 05/29/08 OVC
Postsecondary Education: Integrating Crime Victims’ Issues Into University and College Curricula 05/01/08 OVC
State Victim Assistance Academy Initiative 04/29/08 OVC
Training and Technical Assistance for Counseling and Faith-Based Services for Crime Victims in Indian Country Competitive Grant Program 04/14/08 OVC
Counseling and Faith-Based Services for Crime Victims in Indian Country Competitive Grant Program 04/14/08 OVC
2009 NCVRW Resource Guide 01/22/08 OVC
Victim Assistance Fellowship Program 01/10/08 OVC
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Tribal Mentoring Programs for At-Risk Tribal Youth 08/04/08 OJJDP
Tribal Youth Program (TYP) 08/04/08 OJJDP
Brief Interventions and Referrals to Treatment (BIRT) for Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Drug Courts 07/03/08 OJJDP
Juvenile Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program 07/03/08 OJJDP
National Mentoring Programs 06/20/08 OJJDP
Strengthening Youth Mentoring through Community Partnerships 06/20/08 OJJDP
Latino Youth Mentoring Program 06/20/08 OJJDP
Tribal Youth Programs' Juvenile Accountability Discretionary Programs 06/13/08 OJJDP
Gang Prevention Coordination Assistance Program 06/13/08 OJJDP
Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Discretionary Program: University/Colllege Initiative 06/13/08 OJJDP
Victims of Child Abuse Program 06/13/08 OJJDP
Membership Support Services for Not-for-Profit Missing Children's Organizations 06/06/08 OJJDP
Nonparticipating State Program, Wyoming 05/29/08 OJJDP
Court Appointed Special Advocates Program 05/15/08 OJJDP
Title II Formula Grants Program 03/28/08 OJJDP
Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program 03/14/08 OJJDP
Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws Block Grant Program 01/31/08 OJJDP
Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking
Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management (CASOM) Training and Technical Assistance Program 05/29/08 SMART
Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program 05/07/08 SMART
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