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State Victim Assistance Academies

State Victim Assistance AcademiesTo fulfill its long-term goal of encouraging victim assistance courses of study across the country, OVC introduced the State Victim Assistance Academy (SVAA) initiative in 1998. The purpose of SVAAs is to provide fundamental, comprehensive, and academically based education and training for victim assistance providers, victim advocates, criminal justice personnel, and allied professionals who routinely deal with crime victims.

Find an SVAA

To find out if your State or Territory has a Victim Assistance Academy, visit the SVAA Locator.

Your state or territory has an active SVAA if it is shaded in blue on the SVAA Locator map below. You can find out more about an SVAA’s application process by e-mailing the point of contact in the alphabetical list of states.

Implement an SVAA

OVC encourages Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Administrators in each state to use VOCA administrative funds to support their SVAA. If your state does not have an SVAA, contact your VOCA Administrator—click on your state on the map and then click the tab "State VOCA Contacts"—to discuss how to implement an SVAA. Your VOCA Administrator may suggest that you speak to an SVAA Project Monitor at OVC to learn more about discretionary grants that may be available for starting a new SVAA.

Training and Technical Assistance for SVAAs

Training and technical assistance, for both prospective and established SVAAs, is available through the SVAA Resource Center, operated by the National Center for Victims of Crime. Contact the SVAA Resource Center at 202-467-8700 or

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State Victim Assistance Academies Locator

To contact an active SVAA, find a shaded state on the map and consult the alphabetical list of active SVAAs.

Map of Existing State Victim Assistance Academies (SVAAs) Arizona SVAA Arkansas SVAA Colorado SVAA Idaho SVAA Illinois SVAA Iowa SVAA Kansas SVAA Maine SVAA New Hampshire SVAA New Hampshire SVAA Maryland SVAA Maryland SVAA Minnesota SVAA Missouri SVAA New Jersey New Jersey New York SVAA North Dakota Oregon SVAA Texas Victim Assistance Academy Vermont SVAA Vermont SVAA Virginia SVAA West Virginia

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Active SVAAs

State Contact E-mail Address
Alaska Susan Sullivan
Arizona Connie Chapman
Arkansas Mary Parker
Colorado Amy Gerstner
District of Columbia Daniza Figueroa
Idaho Jennifer Landhuis
Illinois Cynthia Hora
Indiana Karen Duncan
Iowa Amy Johnson
Kansas Adrienne Foster
Kentucky Patricia Desrosiers
Louisiana Crystal Foster
Maine Sheri Moulton
New Hampshire Danielle Snook
Maryland Debra L. Stanley
Massachusetts Kevin Becker
Minnesota Joann Jones
Missouri Kathleen Tofall
Montana John Frederikson
Nebraska Lauren Pilnick
Nevada Christine Lovass-Nagy
New Jersey Sandra Moroso
North Dakota Gary Rabe
Oklahoma Fara Coffey
Oregon Mary Sasaki
Pennsylvania Lisabeth Capozzi
Rhode Island Susan Erstling
South Carolina Ethel Ford
Tennessee Katie Czerwinski
Texas Stephanie Books
Utah Christine Watters
Vermont Mandy Park
Virginia Melissa Roberson
Washington Richard Torrance
West Virginia Amy Landers
Wisconsin Devin Rieckmann-Sell

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