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Get Started in GMS

The Grants Management System (GMS) Online Training Tool provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the various modules within GMS.

For technical assistance with GMS, email the GMS Help Desk or call 202-514-2024 (option 3).

Apply for/Accept an OJP Grant

The following resources offer general guidance and information regarding the grant application and award process:

  • The External Overview portion of the GMS Online Training Tool summarizes the steps for applying for, accepting and managing grants.
  • The OJP Grant Process page provides an overview of the grant process, including details on applying and accepting an award.
  • The Grants.gov website lists many OJP funding opportunities and provides additional training and technical assistance.

For program-specific information, contact the sponsoring OJP Bureau or Office.

Submit a Payment Request through the Grant Payment Request System (GPRS)

The Grant Payment Request System user guide provides guidance for registering on GPRS, submitting payment requests and tracking the status of payment transactions.

Create, Save and/or Submit a Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN)

The GMS Online Training Tool defines the Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) requirements, and describes the processes to create, save and submit a GAN.

Submit a Progress Report

The GMS Online Training Tool includes a module that outlines the steps for creating and submitting quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports.

Submit a Financial Report (SF-425)

The Financial Report (SF-425) user guide provides step-by-step guidance for accessing, completing and submitting an SF-425 using GMS.

View Site Visit Correspondence and Follow-Up on Issues for Resolution

The Grant Monitoring for Grantees user guide provides step-by-step guidance for viewing pre- and post-site visit letters and details the steps for acknowledging and resolving issues using GMS.

Report Conference Costs

The Conference Cost Reporting user guide contains information and instructions for submitting conference cost reports, in compliance with the Department of Justice Appropriations Act, 2008, PL 110-161, Title II, Div. B, Sec. 218:

The FY 2008 appropriations bill (Department of Justice Appropriations Act, 2008, PL 110-161, Title II, Div. B, Sec. 218) imposes a reporting requirement on the Department. Under this reporting requirement, the Attorney General must submit a quarterly report to the Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) with various categories of information for each conference held by the Department for which the cost to the government was more than $20,000. Similar information must also be submitted for each conference where more than fifty percent (50%) of attendees are DOJ employees.

Submit a Closeout

The GMS Online Training Tool provides step-by-step instructions for creating and submitting a closeout package at the end of the program.

GMS Online Training Tool

The GMS Online Training Tool provides step-by-step instructions for completing various functions within GMS, as well as the administrative policies associated with Grant Adjustment Notices (GAN), Progress Reporting, and Closeouts. The online training includes the following modules:

  • GMS Overview - describes how to log into GMS and respond to change requests during the application process.
  • Grant Adjustment Notices (GANs) - defines the GAN requirements, as well as the steps needed to create, save and submit a GAN.
  • Progress Reporting - describes how to create and submit mandatory progress reports.
  • Closeouts - provides instructions on creating a closeout package and submitting it at the end the program.

In order to access the GMS Online Training Tool, your computer must have a connection to the internet, an internet browser (Internet Explorer is preferred) and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed. If you do not have the Adobe Flash Player installed, please check with your organization’s Information Technology department regarding the software installation policy and guidelines.

If you are unable to view the training documentation online, please contact your program manager to request that a CD version of the materials be mailed to you.

GMS Help Desk

For technical assistance or guidance using GMS, contact the GMS Help Desk. The Help Desk is available via email at GMS Help Desk, or by phone at 202-514-2024, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. until midnight, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.

GMS User Guides (By Topic)

The following GMS training materials are available online for review or download:

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