U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) provides fiscal policy guidance as well as accounting, budget, financial, and grants management.

OCFO consists of five divisions:

  • Budget Formulation, Appropriations, and Management Division
  • Budget Execution Division
  • Finance, Accounting, and Analysis Division
  • Financial Systems Support Division
  • Grants Financial Management Division

These divisions work together to assess grantee and OJP financial management policies, procedures, and practices, and to contribute to overall financial integrity and the achievement of OJP-wide goals and objectives. Services include:

  • OJP annual budget preparation and liaison on Congressional appropriations matters
  • Programmatic performance measurement, reporting, and analysis
  • Allocation, tracking, and reporting of OJP funds
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Grants financial closeout
  • Grantee customer service on financial matters
  • Grantee financial monitoring, site visits, and compliance review
  • Grants financial management training and technical assistance to grantees and program offices
  • Financial management policy development and implementation
  • Support for existing budgetary, accounting, and financial systems
  • Integration of budgetary, accounting, and financial systems/applications into agency enterprise system landscape


Chief Financial Officer: Leigh Benda
OCFO Main Line: 202-307-0623
Fax: 202-616-5962 or 202-353-8475
OCFO E-mail: ask.ocfo@usdoj.gov

Customer Service Center: 1-800-458-0786 (press 2) or 202-305-9988
Customer Service Center TTY: 202-616-3867
Customer Service Center Fax: 202-353-9279

Grants Management System (GMS) Help Desk: 202-514-2024


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