Access to timely, accurate, and complete data and information on offender activities that is shared broadly within the justice and health systems will enhance a variety of tasks including complete and effective evaluation and assessment of at-risk individuals and the development of effective treatment and crime prevention strategies. Justice agencies rely on instant access to critical information on offenders and their status in the justice and health systems; indeed, public safety is dependent on judges accessing an offender's up-to-date criminal history for appropriate review, evaluation and sentencing.

The SEARCH Group is prepared to conduct a review and assessment of Rio Arriba's public safety information systems, the data and information they capture, maintain, and share, as well as an analysis of those systems' individual and system-wide functionality. A report of findings and recommendations about those systems will be issued to the Council based on this review. SEARCH recommends that this review be conducted as soon as possible. Following this review, SEARCH could provide on-going assistance to the Council and to public health and public safety agencies in Rio Arriba with information system planning efforts or new systems planning and implementation.

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