9: Supporting Law Enforcement and Enhancing Public Safety

States may elect to use funding through the Byrne Formula Grant program for a number of law enforcement-related purposes. These may include task forces to integrate and coordinate the activities of federal, state, and local drug law enforcement agencies; programs to combat property crimes, white collar crime, and drug trafficking; and enhancements to the operational effectiveness of police departments. For information about Byrne subgrant funding for public safety projects, contact your state Byrne Agency representative, listed in the Online Resource Guide. In addition, subgrant funding for public safety issues relating to youth crime prevention and juvenile justice may be available through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's formula funding programs. State Juvenile Justice offices are also listed in the Online Resource Guide.

Funding Opportunities

OJP's grant programs support a wide array of programs and research to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement. Among OJP's grants are the following:

Detailed information about discretionary funding opportunities is published annually in the OJP Program Plan. Copies are available by calling the DOJ Response Center at 1-800/421-6770. Many programs also publish notices of funding available in the Federal Register, and OJJDP is required by statute to publish its proposed program plan.

Training and Technical Assistance Opportunities

OJP and its bureaus offer a broad program of training and technical assistance in a number of specialized areas. Examples of OJP's training activities include the following:

Detailed information about OJP training initiatives is published each year in the OJP Program Plan. To obtain a copy of the program plan, call the Department of Justice Response Center at 1-800/421-6770.

Additional training and technical assistance programs are added throughout the year. To learn more about upcoming programs, you may wish to contact the appropriate grant program's point of contact in your state, which is listed in the Online Resource Guide. Training and technical assistance information is also updated regularly on each bureau and office's homepage. All homepages are accessible through the OJP homepage at www.ojp.usdoj.gov.

Information Sources

For More Information

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) serves as OJP's clearinghouse for information and publications on criminal and juvenile justice related topics, including law enforcement and public safety. By calling NCJRS toll-free at 1-800/688-4252, you can speak with an information specialist who can conduct individualized research and provide you with copies of OJP publications. NCJRS also has a homepage on the World Wide Web at www.ncjrs.org. The site contains the full text of most OJP publications in a searchable format, as well as links to other relevant sites.

For more information, call OJP's Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at 202/307-0703 or the Department of Justice Response Center at 1-800/421-6770.

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