7: Breaking the Cycle of Drug Use and Crime

Recognizing the strong linkage between substance abuse and criminal activity, OJP supports a number of initiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of drug use and crime. In addition to supporting research on the link between drug use and crime, such as NIJ's Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) program, OJP funds both court- and prison-based intervention programs. States may also elect to use part of their funding through OJP's major formula grant programs to support drug abuse prevention and intervention programs at the state and local level.

Funding Opportunities

Training and Technical Assistance Opportunities

Other Resources

Several federal agencies sponsor research on drug abuse, track drug abuse statistics, and administer a wide array of programs to address substance abuse issues. Some of those agencies are listed below.

For More Information

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service serves as a clearinghouse for information from OJP's bureaus, as well as the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Through NCJRS, you can obtain copies of numerous publications, including studies of drug courts, drug testing methods, and information on the ADAM Program. For more information, call NCJRS at 1-800/851-3420, or visit NCJRS' homepage at www.ncjrs.org.

For more information, call OJP's Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at 202/307-0703 or the Department of Justice Response Center at 1-800/421-6770.

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