5: Preventing and Responding to Youth Violence

As statistics point to a downward trend in the rate of youth violence nationwide, OJP is working to ensure that this trend continues. OJJDP and other bureaus and offices are identifying ways to reach out to young people before they become involved in violence, as well as addressing the underlying problems that lead too many young people to crime. OJJDP also works to improve the juvenile justice system, both to intervene with low-level offenders before they graduate to more serious crimes and to hold serious, chronic, violent juvenile offenders accountable for their actions.

Many programs are organized at the community level, with schools, parents, and community organizations playing a key role. Through both formula and discretionary grant programs, OJP and its bureaus support a range of programs aimed at curbing youth violence and improving the juvenile justice system. OJJDP also sponsors research, evaluation, and statistical efforts that inform the nation about the extent of juvenile crime, its causes, and what works to prevent and stop it.

Funding Opportunities

Most OJJDP funding for local delinquency prevention and juvenile justice efforts is distributed to the states through formula grants. OJJDP's major formula grant programs are described in more detail in Chapter 2 of this publication. State agencies award subgrants to units of state and local government and nonprofit organizations to support a variety of programs in juvenile crime prevention and control.

However, OJJDP also provides discretionary funding through its Special Emphasis program to support the replication of promising programs in four areas: delinquency prevention and intervention; public safety and law enforcement programs; community-based alternatives; and improvements to the juvenile justice system.

OJJDP also provides funding to evaluate community-based initiatives, as well as funding for field initiated research in areas related to delinquency prevention and juvenile crime.

Examples of OJJDP-funded programs include:

For more information or to request an application kit for any of the above programs, contact the DOJ Response Center at 1-800/421-6771. Application kits for most programs are also available through OJP's Website at www.ojp.usdoj.gov.

at 1-800/638-8736

Training and Technical Assistance Opportunities

at 1-800/638-8736.

at 1-800/638-8736.

Other Resources

Several of OJP's grantees support community-based programs in the area of youth violence prevention and intervention that may have information useful to juvenile justice practitioners. Among these are the following:

Through a broad array of grant programs and training and technical assistance, several other federal agencies sponsor programs that address problems relating to youth crime and delinquency. Among these are the following:

For more information

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