12: Enhancing Technology's Use in Addressing Crime

OJP funds development of new technology to help ensure public safety, as well as helping state and local communities better use existing technology. Technology helps improve public safety in several ways: enhanced criminal records and identification systems keep dangerous offenders from obtaining weapons or positions of trust, closed-circuit television allows young victims or witnesses of crime to testify in a less-intimidating setting, bulletproof vests and less-than-lethal weapons mitigate risk to law enforcement officers, and crime mapping allows law enforcement to target crime "hot spots." OJP has also launched an initiative to develop information-sharing capacity across all parts of the criminal justice system. The OJP Information Technology Executive Council coordinates funding and technical assistance to ensure that technology is deployed in a manner that allows information-sharing across agencies.

Funding Opportunities

Training and Technical Assistance

Additional Information

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service serves as OJP's clearinghouse for information and publications on criminal and juvenile justice related topics, including law enforcement and public safety. By calling NCJRS toll-free at 1-800/688-4252, you can speak with an information specialist who can conduct individualized research and provide you with copies of OJP publications. NCJRS also has a homepage on the World Wide Web at www.ncjrs.org. The site contains the full text of most OJP publications in a searchable format, as well as links to other relevant sites.

For more information, call OJP's Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at 202/307-0703 or the Department of Justice Response Center at 1-800/421-6770.

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