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DNA: Critical Issues for Those Who Work With Victims Video Preview Transcript

[Title screen displaying words - "DNA: Critical Issues for Those Who Work with Victims"]

Woman 1: A man came into my home, uh, came up from behind me, um, grabbed me, took me out to the woods behind my house where he robbed and repeatedly raped me.

Woman 2: It’s real important for advocates to know that even though, yes, we can do an exam and we’ll do an exam up to 72 hours, the sooner the victim gets in, the more likelihood we will have of getting positive results.

Woman 3: Until you get the samples run and get the results, that individual may still be on the street, and they may still be on the street committing additional crimes...

Man 1: Not only can we link cases to each other, but we can link cases to suspects.

Man 2: That was the most joyous day in 3 or 4 years when they called us and said that they had made a match.

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