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Publication Date: April 2009
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Know What Information Is Kept and Used

Encourage victims to think about the information kept about them and how that information may be used. For example, a victim can—

  • If seeing a therapist, ask for the diagnosis, what information is kept in writing, and with whom that information is shared. Keep in mind that HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) contains a law enforcement exception that may affect some medical records.
  • Write to providers (e.g., physician, therapist, insurance company, pharmacist) to request a copy of records.
  • Request from the providers a list of the people and organizations to whom her personal information has been disclosed.
  • Write to providers to ask that her records be corrected or deleted.
  • Talk to providers' privacy officers about concerns.
  • Become familiar with providers' privacy practices. This can be achieved by talking with providers' privacy officers or by reading the notice of privacy practices distributed by providers. Request privacy policies from social service providers, including the rape crisis center, as well.
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