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Stalking Awareness MonthStalking Awareness Month

Stalking Awareness Month, observed every January, is an opportunity to spotlight the seriousness of stalking and enhance efforts to combat it. An estimated 3.4 million adults in the United States are victims of stalking every year, according to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

In honor of the month, President Obama issued a proclamation urging the public, criminal justice professionals, and law enforcement personnel to recognize the dangerous nature of this crime. "Stalking affects too many Americans to remain a hidden crime, and a strong stand is required in order to both support victims and hold perpetrators accountable," the President said.

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) is working to provide research and resources to criminal and juvenile justice practitioners to help them better address stalking. Released in January 2009, the BJS report Stalking Victimization in the United States presents the results of the nation’s first large-scale study of stalking. Beyond highlighting its frequency, the report also explains how victims react to the crime and how it impacts their lives. Another component of OJP, the Office for Victims of Crime, also provides resources for victim service providers who assist stalking victims.

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