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Preventing Motor Vehicle Fraud image.Preventing Motor Vehicle Fraud

A new Web site is available to help protect consumers from motor vehicle fraud. VehicleHistory.gov, the official portal of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), provides information on titles, odometer readings, and brand and salvage history to consumers, law enforcement agencies, state motor vehicle departments, insurance carriers, and others. NMVTIS is administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the FBI, and is operated by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. More than 8,500 insurers, auto recyclers, and salvage and junk yards regularly report to the system, and 77 percent of vehicle history data from state motor vehicle departments is included. Since NMVTIS was launched, authorities in Arizona have recovered 99 percent of stolen vehicles, and auto theft in Virginia has declined 17 percent. As of this month, all states are required to report data to the system and check NMVTIS before they issue titles to vehicles presented from other states.

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