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Image of OJP Logo.Mission and Goals

OJP plays a critical role in the Department of Justice, always working to increase public safety and improve the fair administration of justice in communities throughout the country.┬áIn police offices, victim service programs, drug courts, juvenile facilities, reentry programs, and any number of criminal and juvenile justice agencies, citizens can see OJP’s funding dollars, its research, and its leadership at work.

To make sure that OJP’s mission is both clear and achievable, Assistant Attorney General Laurie O. Robinson has outlined three distinct goals:

  • Strengthen partnerships with state, local, and tribal stakeholders.

  • Ensure the integrity of, and respect for, science—including a focus on evidence-based, "smart on crime" approaches in criminal and juvenile justice.

  • Administer OJP’s grant awards process in a fair, accessible, and transparent fashion—and, as good stewards of federal funds, manage the grants system in a manner that avoids waste, fraud, and abuse.
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