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Internet Safety: Click on the Reality

June is Internet Safety Month and the perfect time to “Click on the Reality” and raise your Internet safety IQ.

computer mouse icon Most Internet access is monitored.   computer mouse icon 47% of surveyed parents admit they have a limited ability to monitor Internet access.
computer mouse icon The PC is most commonly used to access the Internet.   computer mouse icon The Internet can be accessed using cell phones, blackberrys, PDAs, and i-Phones.
computer mouse icon My child has never been harassed or harassed anyone online."   computer mouse icon 58% of surveyed students admitted using the Internet unsafely, inappropriately, and illegally, and 43% admitted being cyberbullied.
computer mouse icon Cyberbullying is harmless.   computer mouse icon The impact of cyberbulying can cause depression, a drop in grades, loss of self esteem, and other violent acts.

Internet Safety Program


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