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Daring to FailDaring to Fail

As part of a joint initiative to promote innovation in criminal justice, the Center for Court Innovation and the Office of Justice Program’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) recently released Daring to Fail, a collection of first-person interviews with leaders in criminal justice. These interviews focus on professional setbacks and failures and the lessons learned from these challenges. Together, they document how difficult it is to institute lasting change in criminal justice—but prove that it is possible.¬†They also provide strong support for efforts to encourage innovation, even at the risk of failure.

In her interview, Assistant Attorney General Laurie O. Robinson discusses the unwillingness to talk about failure and its impact on criminal justice. "We have no tolerance for failure, which makes it so difficult to innovate," she explains.

Daring to Fail is part of a larger effort by the Center for Court Innovation and BJA to encourage criminal justice agencies to focus on innovation by engaging in a process of trial and error. The project, known as the Trial and Error Initiative, seeks to foster self-reflection, transparency, and honest discussions of failure.

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