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 NBPI - Applying For Funds
  What type of documentation do we need for the application?  

An applicant must submit the following information in its NBPI profile for each quarter it is requesting reimbursement of NBPI funds:

  • Detention Per Diem Rate: Publicized per diem rate of the jurisdiction jail facility. This figure is the per-day cost the jurisdiction would charge an outside jurisdiction to house inmates in its jails.
  • Total Prosecutors on Staff: Prosecutors include employees whose primary responsibility is the prosecution of criminal cases.
  • Total Salary for Prosecutors: This total must reflect the total salaries and wages paid to full- and part-time prosecutors who are assigned to prosecuting criminal cases. The reported sum should total the jurisdiction's actual salary expenditures for each reporting period, not an estimate or average. Prosecutor salary costs may include overtime required by negotiated contract, statute, or regulation such as union agreements, contractual obligations, and required post staffing minimums.

For each prosecution case submitted for NBPI funds, the jurisdiction must provide the following information:

  • Docket or Case Number.
  • Defendant's Last Name.
  • Defendant's First Name.
  • Defendant's Middle Initial, if known.
  • Referring Federal Agency.
  • Referred Date.
  • Resolution.
  • Resolved Date.
  • Attorney Hours (fair and reasonable approximation of the actual hours worked on the case).

For each detention case submitted for NBPI funds, the jurisdiction must provide the following information:

  • Select a case number submitted in the prosecution section of the application.
  • Inmate ID.
  • Inmate's Last Name.
  • Inmate's First Name.
  • Inmate's Middle Initial, if known.
  • Detained Date.
  • Released Date. The released date must not be later than the corresponding prosecution case Resolved Date.


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