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What should I do if I receive an e-mail from NBPI which I believe is not for me?
Where do I go for help if I have a question that is not there in FAQ's?
My organization is interested in linking directly from our web page to the NBPI web page. Do you have any requirements or restrictions?

What are the criteria for choosing a jurisdiction for funding?
We receive funds through the Byrne Block Grants and HIDTA that pay partial salaries for some of our prosecutors. Would we still be eligible for funds through the NBPI program also?
What types of restrictions are in place with respect to the type or composition of cases eligible for payments?

What if our jurisdiction contact or banking information changes after we apply?

Can we apply more than once in a program year?
What type of documentation do we need for the application?
What are the criteria for choosing a jurisdiction for funding?
Do we have to support the eligibility of cases with some certificates?
Who completes the application process?
How do we as a jurisdiction apply?
Can we apply for additional funds to cover federally-referred cases from previous years?
Do I need to send a bank re-verification form?
Where do we need to submit the bank verification form?
Our jurisdiction already applied this year but we have additional needs. Can we apply again?
Does the prosecutor's salary include or allow paid benefits by the jurisdiction per quarter?
What is meant by "resolution" of a prosecution case?
Under "Detention Per Diem Rate" our jurisdiction also charges outside jurisdictions for any medical expenses incurred with inmate, can our jurisdiction include those charges with the per diem for reimbursement with the NBPI program?

How do we get paid?
Can we expect additional payments(more than amount requested) this year?
Will our jurisdiction be subject to audits or inspections?
Are we restricted in how funds from federal payments may be used by the jurisdiction?
How much will the funding be for our jurisdiction?
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