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How should I care for my body armor to ensure that it continues to perform throughout its warranty period?

Follow the manufacturer's care instructions provided with your armor. The instructions can be found on labels located on the external surface of each ballistic panel. The carrier should also have a label that contains care instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may damage the ballistic performance capabilities of the armor. If you cannot locate the care instructions for your armor, you should immediately contact the manufacturer to request the instructions.

Agencies should educate officers on the proper care and maintenance procedures for their armor, per the manufacturer's instructions, and armor should never be stored for any period of time in an area where environmental conditions (temperature, light, humidity) are not reasonably controlled (i.e., normal ambient room temperature/humidity conditions), such as in automobiles or automobile trunks. Armor should not be exposed to any cleaning agents or methods not specifically recommended by the manufacturer, as noted on the armor panel label. The Selection and Application Guide to Personal Body Armor contains general guidelines on how to properly care for armor. This document can be downloaded from https://www.justnet.org.

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