U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

Speeches 2003

12/03/03 Office of Justice Programs' AMBER Alert Technology Conference
11/20/03 American Prosecutors Research Institute's DNA Forensics Program DNA: Justice Speaks
11/18/03 Council of State Governments' Reentry Policy Council Meeting
11/10/03 Annual Conference of the International Community Corrections Association
10/24/03 Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Second General Assembly
09/25/03 Mid-Atlantic Sexual Assault Conference
09/10/03 Annual Meeting of the Judicial Conference of Indiana
09/09/03 International Homicide Investigators Association Annual International Homicide Symposium "Never Forgotten 2003"
08/25/03 29th Annual Conference of the National Organization for Victim Assistance
08/12/03 Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association 30th Annual National Training Conference
08/11/03 8th Annual Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors
07/29/03 National Citizen Corps Conference
07/28/03 Annual Conference on Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation
07/21/03 National Criminal Justice Association National Forum 2003 - Partnerships With Purpose-Visions for the Future of Public Safety
07/01/03 USAO MD-GA Press Conference
06/24/03 Law Enforcement Information-Sharing Symposium: "Breaking Barriers: Sharing Information in a Changing World"
05/20/03 National Missing Children’s Day Ceremony
04/12/03 Second International Youth Leaders Crime Prevention Conference
04/07/03 Summit on DNA Evidence: Enhancing Law Enforcement’s Impact From Crime Scene to Courtroom and Beyond
03/12/03 National Children’s Advocacy Center’s 19th National Symposium on Child Abuse
02/24/03 National Emergency Number Association’s Critical Issues Forum
02/22/03 2003 Annual Meeting of the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations
02/01/03 National Association of Police Athletic Leagues Workshop
01/31/03 Project Safe Neighborhoods Second Annual National Conference
01/09/03 National Association of Drug Court Professionals’ 4th Annual Juvenile and Family Drug Court Training Conference
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