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Child Protection Publications Provide New Research Data

and Information for Families and Law Enforcement

WASHINGTON, D.C. Six new publications and two informational fact sheets regarding child protection were released at the October 2 White House Conference on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children, held in conjunction with the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

NISMART BULLETINS: The National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART) were first conducted in 1988.The NISMART-2 studies spanned the years 1997 to 1999.OJJDP is disseminating a series of bulletins that summarize findings from NISMART-2.Following are the first four:

·National Estimates of Missing Children: An Overview (NCJ 196465)

·Nonfamily Abducted Children: National Estimates and Characteristics (NCJ 196467)

·Children Abducted by Family Members: National Estimates and Characteristics(NCJ 196466)

·Runaway/Thrownaway Children: National Estimates and Characteristics (NCJ 196469)


·When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide (NCJ 170022)

This is an updated edition of a guide that provides parents with important tools to assist them in the safe return of their children.

·A Law Enforcement Guide on International Parental Kidnapping (NCJ 194639)

This guide, intended for local, state, and federal law enforcement officers called upon to respond to cases of international parental kidnapping, is a companion to A Family Resource Guide on International Parental Kidnapping, published previously by OJJDP.

All of these publications are available on OJJDPs Web site, or by calling the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse at 1-800-638-8736.

Also available on the Web site are two fact sheets explaining the new data: NISMART Questions and Answers and Highlights From the NISMART Bulletins.Media should contact OJPs Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at 202-307-0703.

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