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                 New Bulletins Outline Critical Victims’ Rights in Criminal Justice System



Four new bulletins from the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs’ (OJP) Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) provide crime victims

with clear and concise information about key legal issues. The bulletins are the latest in an ongoing series designed to educate victims about their

rights and roles in the criminal justice system.  


Restitution: Making it Work describes how courts can better monitor and enforce restitution payments to crime victims, including possible

penalties for failure to pay.


Ordering Restitution to the Crime Victim outlines laws and regulations governing restitution in different states, including common barriers

to restitution orders.


Victim Input Into Plea Agreements spotlights ways that the rights of victims to be consulted on plea agreements can be ensured without

hampering prosecutors’ ability to resolve cases.


Privacy of Victims’ Counseling Communications addresses the degree to which states recognize the confidentiality of discussions between

crime victims and counselors.  This issue is especially relevant in domestic violence and sexual assault cases.


Copies of  Restitution: Making it Work, Ordering Restitution to the Crime Victim,  Victim Input Into Plea Agreements, Privacy of

 Victims’ Counseling Communications, as well as information about other OVC publications, programs and conferences, are available through

 the OJP Website at and from the OVC Resource Center at 1-800/627-6872.


Media should contact OJP’s Office of Communications at 202/307-0703.        


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