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Funds Available to Help Trafficking Victims



Applications are now being accepted for grants under the new Trafficking Victims Protection Act Grant Program.The new program will support efforts to develop, expand, or strengthen service programs for trafficking victims.A total of $10 million is available from the Justice Departmentís Office of Justice Programsí (OJP) Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) for this initiative. States, Indian tribes, units of local government, and nonprofit, nongovernmental victimsí service organizations are eligible to apply.The application deadline is July 29, 2002.


†††††††††† The program will support two types of victim services projects and a training and technical assistance component:


                      Comprehensive services for trafficking victims within a given community or region.


                      Specialized rapid-response services to trafficking victims nationwide.


                      Training and technical assistance to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act Grant Program grantees.


OVC will later issue a solicitation for an evaluation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act Grant Program.


To obtain an application for the Trafficking Victims Protection Act Grant Program, see the OJP Website at or contact the OVC Resource Center at



Media and Congressional staff should contact the OJP Office of Congressional and Public Affairs at 202/307-0703.

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